Friday, June 29, 2007


Okay, so I don't post much lately. I read lots of blogs but don't have the energy to post on mine. A bit like the phone too, I am not a huge fan of talking on it lately.

Things aren't going well with my PND. Medication was increased on Wednesday as it is not working well enough. Can't stand lots of noises (including Josh talking yesterday) and still have very high levels of anxiety and irritation.

Have done a little scrapping but am too lazy to post right now. Did get an external hard drive to back up photos, always nice.

Nat mananged to do something in the BIOS settings on the pc and meant we had to reload everything and start from scratch. So annoyed as it took me hours to set up my blogs in RSS feed through e-mail and stuff. Slowly getting over it now.

Fiona, my SIL is over from Perth for a visit. So good to see her. Goes home on Sunday though. Bummer.

Bella is unsettled (damm it) so she needs my attention.


Melanie said...

Hope the medications work now that they have upped the dose.

Good to hear you got a hard drive but bummer about the RSS feeds. Did they take you long to work out?

Giovanna Scott said...

Thinking of you Ros {{hugs}}

Narelle Pearce aka Sassyscrap said...

oh Ros sending big hugs your way, my lil miss Lainey is not a great sleeper although she is only 4wks!! Maybe I should give her more time LOL....