Wednesday, July 11, 2007

An update...

An update from me, OMG! It has been a while. Still not better with the PND, had my meds adjusted and that hasn't helped. Looking for a new med. I can take while breastfeeding now.

Bella has orientation at childcare today... As stupid as this sounds, we save money by putting her into childcare (one of the few benefits of having 4 young children.)

Finally got a photo of her smiling. She is smiling and cooing a lot now. Loves the other kids and esp. Mummy as I am the milk production! Still waking twice a night for a feed and sleeps 2 hours max. at a time during the day. Occasionally get a longer stint out of her around dinner time (which is nice).

Have been scrapping lately, can't even remember what I have shared and what I haven't. Will try not to double up. Far to lazy to put them in individually so this is as good as it gets! Forgotten some but that happens. Most the them done for challenges etc. at Bon's Scraps.

Busy weekend ahead, going to a scrap n chat on Saturday and then the start of all the birthday celebrations happens on Sunday. Dinner at mum's with Oma and all my siblings for mine and Josh's birthdays (17th and 19th of July). More celebrations with Dad, in-laws, our family etc. coming up.



Leeanne O'C said...

Hi Ros,

Just wanted to drop by and say Hi. Bella is just beautiful and all your LO's look lovely. Hopefully your meds will get sorted out soon.

Fiona said...

Hi Ros,

Hey love those LO's - I haven't seen the ny ones yet - tres cool!

And that photo of Miss Iz - awesome.


Narelle Pearce aka Sassyscrap said...

And a beautiful smile you caught on camera aswell, what a cutie pie. Love all your LO's and I know how you feel about the milk production - that's me aswell with Lainey (7wks old)= ME BIG OL MOO!!

bon said...

GORGEOUS photo, soooooo cute, It was great to meet you IRL yesterday, i nope you bring the kiddies over for a play soon ;) Love all your LO's TOO!

cdaly said...

Gorgeous photo of Bella Ros. She is gorgeous. I feel for you with the PND having been there too. I hope they get the medication sorted soon. Scraobooking is pretty cool art therapy anyway :)

Charmane said...

How gorgeous is your bubby girl!! Hope you are feeling better Ros!!! YOU ARE AMAZING!!!

I've tagged you - but take your time!!!
Love Charmane

Deb and Sally said...

Hi Ros, Bella is just beautiful and what a gorgeous smile. I hope that you start to fell better soon.
If you ever feel like scrapping on a Friday night you should come over to my house and crop with all the girls.
Your layouts are great, I am surprised that you have time to do any scrapping with what you have been boing through and 4 young children. Will catch up soon.
Deb Ross

Deb and Sally said...

Hey sorry about the spelling mistake type to fast for the computer.

jodee76 said...

Hi Ros,
Thanks for stopping by my blog.
Your layouts are amazing.
See you when you next pop by the store

shirls said...

Hi Ros. Thanks for dropping by my blog. The photo of your baby smiling in the bath is so cute! Beautiful baby:)

Hope you are feeling better:)