Sunday, August 05, 2007


Okay so it has been like, forever since I last posted. I am online everyday checking out blogs, just not updating my own.

Bella has slept through a few nights now, even two in a row but as it was not something I was prepared for (none of the other kids have ever slept through at 3 months) I was up late waiting for her to wake for a feed. The extra sleep was good except for my boobs felt as if the were about to burst! LOL

Drew has started toilet training. I couldn't ignore it any longer... Not that I wanted to, I just wasn't ready to deal with it. Still not really but he is doing it himself. Drew also now sleeps in Josh and Nikki's room (in Nikki's bed). Loves being a big boy and settles quite well only getting up once usually before going to sleep. Tried him sleeping in his room only he kept on getting up and if put back in the cot would climb out of it. Also in the toddler room at childcare (has been for a while) and loving the bigger kids to play with. Was getting so bored in the babies room as he was so much older than most of the kids.

On the bench with the food whilst eating... Why, no idea, just wanted to press Mummy's buttons I think!

Cry baby because he was getting no presents on Josh's birthday.

Nikki currently sleeping in Drew's cot (even though there is a bed in that room) but she is loving the novelty of it all. Who am I to stop her?

Miss Cheese... what a cheesey smile...

Who me? Showing off for the camera, no never!

Josh had an awesome birthday filled with Thomas things and kept asking for days after (and still is) can I have a prize (suprise) now? Josh is spending at lot of time in the kinder room at childcare and loving it and they keep on telling me how good he has been. If only he was like that at home all the time.
Make a wish...
I'm 4!
Nat, not much to say about him other than he needs a haircut (LOL) and has been working overtime every week since the finanical year begun. Money is great but looking at how much he has earnt so far, I am going OMG our centrelink estimate is going lookinh so wrong so far.

Nat is currently at my brother's place in Gippsland with the older two kids. (Hopefully having a boy). It is nice having just he two "babies" here but Drew is missing the older kids to play with.

Me, now... Going to be almost like a book in length! Love the scrap n chat even if I was overwhelmed when I first went in there. Got so many RAK's given to me and I hadn't even sat down. Bella was a champ and slept all the time I was there practically except when I woke her to feed her.

I had a so so birthday. It was just another day really. Nat wasn't organised enough to get my present (as he didn't know what to buy me other than craft which he didn't want to do) but he did bring me home a rose. He worked until 6am of my birthday so spent a fair portion of the day sleeping. I had threapy support group in the the afternoon and then an hour long relaxation massage. (Was so good). Good more goodies for my birthday through out the week with all the birthday celebrations going on but it was all more Josh's birthday celebrations not mine as a 4 year old's birthday must overshadow his 27 year old mothers!!!

Had a few very bad days in amongst some happier ones. Had my meds changed twice now, first one caused sucidal thoughts etc. so was definetly no good and things were extreamly scary for a while. Onto one now that is better but things are being taking very slowly in regards to any changes made.

Had our tax done on Friday, getting money back, always a pleasing though. Nat is currently getting more back than me on paper at the moment, as I got all my tax back so all deductions that either of us could have claimed, (medical expenses and childcare) had to go onto Nat's. I still will get the rest of the centrelink money on mine so all in all my bank balance should look good in a few weeks time. Pity it won't be long as the visa looks terrible.

Okay, other than a few layouts that is about all for this post! And this post is like a book, one that requires volumes probably LOL, so if your still here, good on you and only a little bit more to go.


P.S. I forgot, I got the guest DT at Bon Scrap's this month. Love this layout! Another photo from our Katie Toland photoshoot.

P.P.S. Still hoping to enter FK just need to get my act together. Have one layout, maybe two finished and one nearly done. Need to get cracking...


connie said...

HI sweetie.. grea to see you back blogging.. been stalking your

loving all the layouts.. boy you sure have been busy!!

take care

Fiona said...

Wow - huge post - good on you!

Love your new LO's I may be scraplifting in the near future *grin*


Deb and Sally said...

Oh boy, I have now caught up Happy Belated Birthday. The layouts look great. Your photo's look great from your photoshoot. I hope that you are getting ready to scrap more so that we can see them.
You sound a bit happier so maybe things are a little better for you
I hope so anyway.
Talk Soon
Deb Ross

cdaly said...

Wow Ros, great post! Those pictures are great and those layouts awesome as ever. You are so talented, You should def enter FK awards! That last layout IS beautiful. The look on your face is amazing. My other fave is the family one at the top. Wow.