Sunday, August 26, 2007

Dinner, Drew style!

So I have been lazy again as usual. These things happen. Last night while feeding Bella I was reading this blog and Drew decided to come in and try his hand at mischief like the 6 kids Dawn has.

Okay so I was breastfeeding at the computer and Drew was in the kitchen eating his dinner, of spaghetti bol. In walks Drew with his bowl and fork into the study.

Me: "Drew, take you dinner back into the kitchen and sit at the bench" and I turn back around to read some more seriously funny reading.
Me: "Drew, food, kitchen now!" and I repeated this quite a few times. Normally, I would have escorted him back to the bench but all the while feeding Bella makes it a little harder and I needed the use of both hands to deal with him.

Sick and tired of listening to me repeating myself Drew thought he would take matters into his own hands, and upend the contents of his bowl (remember it is spaghetti bol.) onto my carpet in the study. After ignoring my various protests and threats to pick it up and put it back in his bowl, he thought it looked much tastier and yummier to eat it off the floor. (Yes, I know you are all going "gross" but then this is a child that thinks going outside to play is to eat dirt!)

Drew proceeds to eat it off the floor (even using his fork) and occasionally putting some back into his bowl. As I had now finished feeding Bella (who still needed burping) I picked up the mess off the floor and dumped in all into his bowl and left it on the bench so I could burp the screaming baby! Drew thought his dinner looked even better again and begun to eat it yet again and ignoring my protests. I repeated the process of putting it back on the bench again (and you think I would have learnt and put it in the sink but Bella's screaming was getting too much.) Drew then decides his gross dinner now looks far better to eat if it is in Bella's bottle steriliser... Seriously, come on, how can one dinner not look very inviting in a Bob the Builder bowl yet look so much yummier on my study floor (still stained slightly from the pasta sauce) and in a baby bottle steriliser container.... and yet, I need to remind myself this kid likes to eat dirt. Sometimes, I really do wonder why do I bother feeding him at all. Shouldn't I just let him go outside and find his own?

LOL, be back latter with news and layouts.

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bon said...

hahaha, that is very funny. Kids, gotta love 'em!