Sunday, August 26, 2007

For Sale

Edited: SOLD!

FOR SALE... my children, no not really, but some days sure thing!

I have been cleaning up my stash lately and I found these
Happy Corina alpahabet set stamps from Fontwerks.

They have never been used and I need to make find some money to justify further purchases. Damm BG for bringing out so many new ranges and everyone else at CHA!

They are a funky alphabet hand drawn by the talented Elsie Flannigan. The complete alphabet and doodles are dressed up in fashionable and fun Elsie style. The sizes vary, for example, the "a" is 1"x1/2" (hxw) and the "B" is 11/4"x1/2".

Postage will be free and payment via direct deposit. I will post once the payment has cleared into my account.

Cost: $30.00


Fiona said...

I haven't seen all of the new BG yet - are there some good ones? *grin*


jodee76 said...

Hi Ros,
Just loved reading about Drew's eating habits! Make me feel better that I'm not alone with trying to get my daughter to eat anything substantial!
Thanks for the offer of the battery charger. I have a 400D so I think the charger would be the same, would love it if you could lend it to me :)
Talk to you soon,

jodee76 said...

Woo Hoo! I (as in my DH) found my charger! Camera's on the re-charge now then I'm off for a walk to the beach to take some pics! Ahhh! My long lost friend has returned!
Thanks for the offer,

Deb and Sally said...

Hi Ros, Yes there are so many great new BG lines, and gotta have them all.
Will catch up soon
Love Deb Ross