Friday, September 07, 2007


Okay so when it is 1.30 in the morning, what do most normal people do? Sleep that it! Well I would have been too if Drew hadn’t of come into my room and turned the lights on. He was awake, not just any awake but wide friggin awake!

He hopped into my bed for a cuddle and Miss B decides it is time for a feed. Feed Bella, burp he andr then she thought she would feel a whole lot better if she chucks up her feed all over me, my pjs and my hair... Into the shower and wash my hair, as I had that total gross feeling happening... Out of the shower and Drew is still in my bed wide awake. Well, if he is still awake I may as well get up and steralise the breast pump and express a little. Drew’s still awake so I’ll do my dishes too. Nat arrives home from ½ a night overtime with grocery shopping (as you do that at 1am in the morning when no one else is around) so I helped him put that away while he changed and goo-ed and gaah-ed with Bella. Drew still awake, and I was feeling dead tired by this point, so told Nat the kids are all his and I am off to bed. Low and behold, Drew decided it was time for sleep (after I had gone to bed, of course) and went to sleep in his bed, Bella too and Nat is in bed and practically asleep before me.... No fair!!!!

I am off to yell at my washing machine and argue with it why it hasn’t put the load on by itself. Oh yeah, that’s coz it needs someone to do it. Where is my maid? What I am kidding, I am the maid! Damm motherhood, it has far too many titles.

Be back with some photos (as I actually took some after a month or so lapse) and the small amount of scrapping I have done (on a hiatus currently!) It is time for breakfast, after the arguing with the washing machine though...


Fiona said...

It's good to know that Drewie still loves his cuddles *grin*


Anonymous said...

Oh Ros, you poor thing, it never rains but poors.
Love Deb Ross