Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Holey Cow!

Holey cow, I'm actually doing a post and one of some sort of substance. No pictures though even though I promised it in the last post (over a month ago...) I have put off blogging as I have had so much to say and I haven't known where to start so I put it off some more.

It is Nikki's 3rd birthday today. We gave her some clothes and new sandles this morning and boy was she excited. After childcare (we are picking her up early) she will get her scooter and dora puzzle and a chance to play without the other kids touching... Most importantly she will help me make her birthday cake and get to lick the bowl all my herself too.

Josh and Nikki no longer were nappies at all and haven't for over 2 months now. Nikki is better than Josh about not wetting the bed, but then again, he is a boy.... Drew only wears a nappy for nighttime and it is only Bella in nappies full time. I swear, we are begining to finally have some more room in our rubbish bin now. Could also be due to the fact that I am putting my veggie scraps in the garden to encourage the worms and improve the soil.

Bella is on solids now and loving it and attempts to feed herself while you feed her by helping shove the spoon in her mouth. I took photos of her the first day she had solids (if you can call rice ceral that!) and boy were she ever so ready for it. No funny faces or anything like that at all.

I am about to start yet another medication for PND. Not only have the Efexor given my yuck side affects including severe itchy skin, nasty dreams and seriously bad nighttime sweats but it hasn't worked well enough. I now have to stop breastfeeding Bella as the new meds I will be on aren't safe for breastfeeding. I have feed her for nearly 6 months and am okay with that as I feed her longer than the other kids and she has also had some issues gaining weight over the last month. Not to mention as she was so hungry (didn't have enough milk to feed her properly) she wasn't sleeping well at all again and was waking up 3 times a night for a feed.

Josh, Nikki and Drew started Blastball last Saturday. So cute and they loved it. Drew got a little bored half way through and went to see Nanna for a cuddle but then he isn't quite 2 and they don't like you to start until you are 3. I didn't like my chances of keeping him on the sidelines if the other 2 were playing. He certainly got the idea as well as the other kids only he has far more issues batting.... LOL all to cute though.

Have my first Stampin Up party on Saturday and then another one next Friday. Also have one booked for November but am loving my stash of stamps and am doing well at selling them (and also buying them for myself *giggles*) Next Friday's party is a 12 year olds birthday party so that will be interesting. Need to make some samples etc. that they will be making and it will be so different to a "usual" party.

Off to watch last weeks House in peace and quiet before something else draws my attention away.

Will be back with photos soon as there is some really cute ones and need to show Aunty "Nona" as well!


Fiona said...

Excellent news aboutthe stamp sales - I may even have a new list soon *grin*

Looking forward to photos when you post them - especially if there are off the wall quotes that go with them!

Good luck with the new meds - well done for 6 months breast-feeding with Miss Bella.


cdaly said...

Waving Ros! You gave Bella a GREAT start with 6 months of b/f. Having a healthy happy Mum is important too. Cecilia and I were just saying last week how in awe we are of all you get through with 4 kids (I fall to pieces lots of days with 2 :( ) Chat soon I hope :)