Monday, October 22, 2007

Catch up

Had my first party today. Went well, forgot things when demoing and stuff I meant to mention... Must make better list next time. Host name was also Ros and she doesn’t like tea or coffee and isn’t married either.... Just a little freaky! LOL

Took the kids to blastball this morning. They enjoyed it but wanted to be outside. They were indoors as it was windy and cold. My kids didn’t actually do the whole session today as I left the club rooms to find out info about Nat playing again so that had to follow me and ended up on the play equipment. Figures!

Okay so I started this post over a week ago and got majorly slack and didn’t finish it. I had another party on the weekend, this time a 12 year old girl’s birthday party. Was interesting.... Too many people though. It wasn’t my party originally but I got offered it off someone else from my team so I thought, why not take it! They made a card and decorated an envelope, a bag and a mini layout. Also too many things to do and the girls ended up so excited and just wanted to talk and stuff lots of the time. The card wasn't my design (I CASED it off someone on SCS, I think...) but all the rest of the stuff is all Ros orignals. LOL... Struggled so hard with the layout as it was for beginners... now I do simple but it was hard to come up with I tell you. I like simplistic more! LOL, in the end I focused on techniques for the layout, faux stitching, inking using sponge daubers, stamps and cutting it out as well as stamping directly onto the layout and using punches.

I have loads of photos of the kids to share seeing as it was both Nikki and Drew’s birthdays this month and Bella’s half birthday (LOL). Need to edit the photos still but am going to get that done today as I want to place my photo order online.

Useless info, but things I want to remember.

Nikki loves to eat mandarins, as does Drew and Drew also eats strawberries now. Josh still doesn’t eat any fruit other than apples, grapes, strawberries, two fruits (peach and pear). Much like me I guess, LOL as I don’t eat citrus (which is why I only discovered last week that N and D love to eat mandarins!)

Bella shoves the spoon into her mouth while I am feeding her (or the spoon she is holding onto). I am sure she will be yet another Miss Indepentent little girl and feeding herself soon enough.

Ate my first home grown strawberry this morning. We have over 30 strawberries on the plants but this was the only red one and I wasn’t sharing it! Oh it was oh so yummy!

Trying to tell my boobs to stop producing milk as I can’t feed B breastmilk anymore coz of my meds and I swear it feels like I have gotten more milk in the last 2 days than I did for 2 weeks! A case of dealing with the fullness as long as possible and then expressing some as it is too painful otherwise. Tried peppermint oil to see if it would help dry the milk up, not as of yet but still trying!

B is awake so need to attend to her. Does it ever end? LOL and it has taken me all day so far to write this post. Between cooking meat pies for Nat and the kids for dinner, the kinder run, washing, dishes, feeding Bella etc... ahhhhh


cdaly said...

Wow Ros - those samples are awesome. Your party chicks got seriously spoilt :)

Fiona said...

Love your samples and a great lo of Miss N