Monday, December 03, 2007

Bella started clapping her hands today, only no sound comes out. LOL, very cute!

Josh can also write his name (sort of)... He starts with the letter “h” and writes it backwards and more often than not gets the “o” and the “s” the wrong way around. Does it all from memory though. He also drew a picture of himself today (with no arms... LOL) and he was wearing his Superman t-shirt (with a cap on the back) and you have to turn the paper over to the other side to see the cape! So cute!

My engagement ring had an accident today... Not really sure how but all I can say is “ouch” and especially since I couldn’t get it off my finger on my own.

Currently creating a Christmas tag inspired by Tim Holtz. He is doing a 12 days of Christmas on his blog. Finished day 1 and thinking about what I can do in regards to day 2 while waiting for day 3... Just had to share with you what I did. Uses a whole mixture of things from my pre Stampin Up days, some Stampin Up products and some of my new Love Elsie papers I brought last week.

I did 2 layouts and a card for Bon’s Scraps cybercrop last week. Elmo has won me a $20 Bons Scraps store voucher! Thank you very much Joshie, I love Stefanie Street too! LOL...

Had a wedding to attend on Saturday, got sunburnt but had a pretty good time considering Nat abandoned me (he was in the bridal party). I even got up and danced which is a very rare thing for me. Downside was getting burnt (paying for it now) and getting blisters in between my toes and the ball of my foot.

A couple of photos I took in the city as it is not often A. I am there and B. I have my camera with me (receiption was in the city).

A photo Natty took of his mate's HR. All I can say is "He's back!" Nat used to take some awesome shots at high school when doing Media for VCE. He was going to go to photography college only the $7,000 yearly fee was a little much!

Enough from me, lots of things to create including my mum’s 50th birthday invites... Very simple, so nice and quick! I am liking it!!!!


Fiona said...

Great photos and LO's Ros. That sunburn looks a bit ouchy.....

Go Stefanie street *grin*


bon said...

great piccies ros, JUST LOVE ELMO!!!! he's awesome.
and ouchie with the engagment ring!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ros,
just had to say that elmo card is awesome.
Your poor ring too.
I love seeing what you are up to with your Stampin Up, I have had a party and been to 1, and just love it. Thinking of joining mainly for the discount.
Nice to get out of the house and dress up isn't it, I had a wedding last week. You looked lovely.
Cheers Karen