Sunday, January 06, 2008

Cleaning bug?

Does anyone every get the cleaning bug? I don't very often and today it struck... Nat is having some mates over tomorrow night so I had a go a removing my stuff off the pool table (it is never kept super clean for long!!!) Then as I was putting stuff away I found more stuff that had been shoved aside (to look tidy) so I put that away to. Somehow I ended up in the boys closest cleaning up the top shelf (which is where I throw all the clothes that are too small until I get around to dealing with them), I repeated this in the girls room, then worked outside, wedded a little, put all the clean, folded clothes away, cleaned the bathroom and toilet floors and I think that is just about it.

All in all, it doesn't look like I have done alot as I didn't hide stuff in cupboard etc. I cleaned them out and then put stuff away properly. I think the only things I have to show from todays efforts (aside from sore feet) is sparkling clean toilet and bathroom floors and 2 garbage bags of clothes for the brotherhood bin.

I have created just haven't uploaded the photos. Slack I know!


Fiona said...

You cleaning bug you! At least you have a magnificent feeling of achievment after doing all of that. Well done you!!!


kazy2004 said...

Hi Ros. Sounds like you have been very productive. I would love to chat about SU. Could you email me please, couln't see your address.
Cheers Karen

Deb Ross said...

Hi Ros,

Yes we have had the cleaning bug here as well, how does a house get so messy?

It is nice to sit down after it is all done and admire.

Talk Soon

Deb Ross