Sunday, March 16, 2008

Weekly update? LOL

Been a busy week here (not that I am complaing...) Have had the usual stuff going on as well as deliveries, classes and magazine prep. work.

This is the class I taught on Thursday night, it's a 5.5 x 5.5 inch box that you can fill with cards, trinkets or whatever... Joshie wants me to make one for him although I think he would like it to be red and have Lightening Mc Queen or Thomas on it instead of flowers. I am able to teach this workshop when vacancies arise. Contact me for further info. Taught 2 different colour ways, using bud basics stampin' wheel and stamps (Summer mini) or simply said matching wheel.

The kids have said some absolute funnies of late but I forgot to write then down when I heard them (that will teach me). I have no doubt they will come back to me when I am in the shower or trying to sleep or something.

I gave Bella an ice cream yesterday as she "has" to be like the older kids. Who would have thought, a 10 month old could demolish an ice cream cone and not make too much mess? She is walking (well taking steps) more often now but is still preferring to crawl most of the time.

Got some photos from mum's wedding in the mail. Want to sit down and have a good look at them and plan some pages.


Fiona said...

Love the boxes - I'll have to get the design from you.

And Boo is so cute with her ice cream and her nearly curls. Big photos please (of all of them pretty please *grin*)



love the card and the box ros