Thursday, January 08, 2009


Each December at the kinder Josh went to, the kids would paint a canvas for their family for Christmas. Here is the one of 3 year old kinder and 4 year old kinder. Bella (is painted from a picture in 2007) and our house... (is not only what he thinks our address is, but is 2008's picture).



Mette Thomas said...

While your photographing stuff Ros are you able to take a picture of your kids hand print canvas's as i have done my kids but it doesnt look as good as yours so i need a refresher of what yours looks like.

Ta Mette

susy said...

Hi Ros, me back again. Such gorgeous art to have. It's a great idea doing them on a canvas, it'll last much longer than butchers paper. the cancer council canvas was done with a real bra with what seemed like hundreds of flowers hand stitched on. The boobs were made of paper mache. Had a lot of fun doing it. DH bought me the new 50D for Christmas/birthday. I really didn't expect him to come at it when I jokingly suggested how I'd love it and could trade my old one in on ebay to pay for some of it. He doesn't ever surprise me with gifts for birthdays etc but every few years I get a really cool gift to make up for it like this. I prefer it that way and so does he. Wow this comment has almost turned into a letter.