Saturday, February 04, 2006

Why won't my son sleep?

Why won’t my son sleep? As I am writing this at a quarter to 11 Josh is still awake. He woke up from his nap at 5pm (late, I know) and is not asleep yet. I went to bed at 2pm as I was sooo grumpy and left Josh and Nikki with Nat in charge! (At childcare yesterday, Josh woke up at 3pm and still didn’t go to sleep until 9.45pm last night… So it doesn’t seem to matter what time he wakes up, he is just a $#*@ to get to sleep at the moment!) After Josh had woken up we went to my brothers house (2 streets away) and walked there. Drew and Nikki were in the pram and we made Joshie walk there and back in hope it would tire him out… Yeah right… He is being such a ratbag to get to sleep at the moment and Nat starts night shift on Tuesday night… Josh is always worse when Nat is on night shift, probably because my patience levels aren’t as high and I have the 3 of them to deal with alone…

I am flying to Brisbane on Tuesday for the day with my mum and Drew and Nat’s mum is looking after the older 2. Josh is quite naughty for his Grandmother and doesn’t respect her (I believe it is because she won’t smack him and show him who is charge!) so I am in for a fun night when I arrive home about 11.30pm… After a 5am start on Tuesday I am going to be so tired! Thank goodness Josh and Nikki have childcare on Wednesday.

Just wanted quickly share my newest layout I finished. One of Drew, shock horror (he only has 2 pages in his album so far!)

Best be off since Josh is now in the study with me as I am typing!

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