Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Kim's classes and wet pants...

I booked in for 2 more classes Kim Archer is holding on her blog... Yay, can't wait till the 22nd when I am doing my first class. I love Kim's work (among many others) and to do one of her classes is like... I dunno, so exciting!

The kids all went to childcare today and there was no problems with Drew, which was good to hear... Josh went wearing "big boy jocks" and I had 5 changes of pants/shorts for him, a t-shirt, a singlet and 2 pairs of socks in his bag... He came home with one pair of jocks (out of 5) and one pair of clean pants and no socks on!

He did wee on the toilet once and every other time it was 5 minutes or so after he went "I go toilet! I go weese!"
Slowly but surely I am hoping for some progress. His sticker chart is looking a little lonely, only one sticker today and Nikki got one too. I am not toilet trainning Nikki yet, but when she is waking up with an almost a dry nappy, I am putting her on the toilet as soon as she wakes up from sleeps and she is weeing on the toilet. At least one child is!

I walked home from childcare with the kids today by myself and boy was it hard work.. Nikki and Drew were in the pram and Josh was walking. He was walking so slow as he was pretty tired from his busy day (and I later found out had no socks on!) We saw my brother on the way home and waved and Josh would walk past his street without going to see "Uncle Warren" He was pointing down Warren's street going "this way, this way!"
We called in briefly to see my brother (who was at a friends) and then struggled on home. It was a lot easier going up the hill with Josh walking and the other two in the pram (last time I did it, Josh and Nikki were in the pram and Drew was in the baby bjorn and I ended up pulling the pram from the front up the hill rather than pushing it!) but it still took 30 minutes to get home from a usual 5 minute walk (at adult pace.)

Off to add the stickers to the kids charts, I forgot when they were still awake!

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Sarah said...

Hey Ros,
I am trying to train Harry as well, Boys are so hard. Beka was easy. He does wee in the potty but only when it is bath time. I have the whole jocks thing happening but he keeps on weeing on the carpet. i think i might have to put him in pullups. I am determined to have him trained before he is 3 in June..... As my Mum says. It wont happen overnight but it will happen. LOL She should know she had 4 boys......