Saturday, February 24, 2007

Update, finally...

It has been forever since I blogged… naughty girl I am! Brief run down in dotpoint form as that is all I can manage right now.

Friday 16th
Drew spent the day wit my MIL so I could work and Nat could sleep. Was a little cranky but enjoyed the one on one attention. Was missing the other kids by the end of the day… He kept looking around the house for them.

Saturday 17th
Taught card class at Paper Doll and it was a stinking hot day. The ladies in the class went well but I sent them home with homework yet again! *Giggles* My brother was down building a retaining wall for a friend and stayed the night.

Sunday 18th
The kids had a birthday party to go to but Drew wasn’t able to go. My MIL took him so I could be with the kids at the party. They had a “lovely” time (as Josh says when we quite often return home) and want to go back and play with Spencer’s Thomas train… LOL it is not as if we don’t have one at home either!
Had issues breathing (a bit like my muscular skeletal thing back in April last year) so my in laws brought Drew back home as I was scared to have Nat leave me with the kids alone.

Monday 19th
Worked like a crazy mad women in the morning and rushed home to take Josh to kinder. Picked up my new car (drives like a dream, but no photos yet. Slack I know!)

Tuesday 20th
No idea what I did other than I know I worked! LOL, Thursday was the only day I didn’t work at all!

Wednesday 21st
Went scrap shopping at Scraptacular and would you believe it is the first time I went shopping in nearly a month and a half? I got some yummy new Basic Grey for me and some Bazzill bling for my sisters 21st birthday invites.

Thursday 22nd
The kids all slept through till 5am and I woke up with a migraine. My 2nd in a week! Stayed in bed for nearly 16 hours in total. Had a visit to the hospital to check my blood pressure and make sure I wasn’t getting preeclampsia… all is good there but I have ketones in my urine. According to the net, Ketones occur when your body is breaking down fats instead of carbohydrates for energy. High levels of ketones indicate that you are not getting enough to eat or if you are dehydrated. I have no idea what my “level” was other than I had some in my urine but I had to come home and eat a dinner high in carbs. I am back to see the doctors next week (I think) so I will see how things are going then.

Friday 23rd
My old car was in for a service and I was at work from 8.45am – 4.30pm and waiting for my car until 5.20pm! I was exhausted by the time I got home and Drew was home with Nat all day as he still had a few spots and wasn’t allowed at childcare.

Saturday 24th (today)
Went over to my mum’s place for my step dad’s birthday celebration and was making my sister’s birthday invites at the same time. Spent over 3 hours making the invites and I had prepared a lot at home already! The kids were exhausted coming home and all fell asleep in the car at 5.30pm! Took a bit to get the kiddies to go to sleep tonight, much later than normal but all is well now.



Will said...

Watch those keytones sweetie, you don't have enough fat on you to be breaking it down!!!

Try taking some magnesium (sp!?!). :)

We'll have to catch up soon!

wendy said...

I don't know how you do it all Ros!

Take care