Friday, March 02, 2007

3 layouts and a post!!!!

I have managed to get 3 layouts done this week! 3 is huge for me! LOL I am such a slow scrapper. I obviously haven’t made any cards for my card class this week since I have been too busy scrapping! 2 were for an online challenge and the other was just coz! I did use up some of my stash but then I had to buy a Heidi Swapp bling circle for the Drewie layout.

I had Monday and Thursday off work which has been great but need more time off. Especially, childcare days! Was back at the hospital for a midwives appointment yesterday and the midwife was a B****! I came away feeling so anxious and uncomfortable and as if I don’t want to have my baby there. A far cry from the comfortable visit I had with the midwife the week before.

My emotions have been mental this week. Could have something do with Nat only being home one night this week and me doing it all alone! That and I hate it when he works weekends; I struggle and find it harder than the “normal” working days during the week.

Off to get the kiddies from childcare!

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connie said...

Sorry to hear about the B@#$h midwife... some of them can be so rude!!!My bf just a her second baby last week.. i poped in to visit her and she was getting transferrd to Rosebud and the mid wife was more worried about when her hubby was getting there cause she wanted the bed back... they way she was acting was so rude i couldnt belive it!!!!

Loving your layouts too Ros.... thanks for popping by my blog!!!... so you live in Skye too... we are going to be neighbours soon!!!!

Take care..