Thursday, March 08, 2007

Saving Babies

I just finished watching Saving Babies… I have wanted to see this show for a few weeks but didn’t know if I would be strong enough to watch it whilst being pregnant and think what could go wrong etc. With Nat out at Bunnings (Men’s Lincraft!) and the kids all asleep I thought I’d give it a go.

It was a great show and the best bit was when a family found out their unborn daughter didn't have the chromsone (sp.) abnormality the doctors had predicited she would have. It makes you feel so much for the families going through all the heartaches and triumphs of the difficult times they are facing.

It is something you would never wish upon anyway and something my own family has had to deal with 3 times over. I was born at 27 weeks 6 days and spent 3 months in hospital before coming home to be with my family. I have 2 other brothers (born after me and before my sister) and sadly they didn't have the chances I did. My middle brother Darryn came home for a short time but passed away at 3 months old and my youngest brother Glen never came home at all.

Please remember the stories of the families on Saving Babies and donate especially to the Royal Melbourne Children's Hospital as they do fantastic work helping many many families in need. If you are free Good Friday drop by this blog and read up all the info, re the crop with donations going to the Good Friday appeal.

I have more to blog but it doesn't seem right to be in this post.

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Amy Bland said...

Hi Ros,

I have been watching saving babies too. It makes me cry every week. I think that the reason I cry whe I watch it on TV, but can be tough when I work in the NICU every day is that I am removed from it, and dont have to put on a brave face.

RCH is a good cause to support, but don't forget Monash medical Centre too, as we all live in their catchment area and that is wheer most of us would get sent if our babies needed extra special care!

Hope your pregnancy is still going ok. Goodluck!

Amy B x