Sunday, March 11, 2007

Bits & Pieces from the last couple of days...

You know you’ve been listening to a cd too much in the car when your 2 year old starts singing along the words (Snow Patrol cd.)

Had our local doctors clinic ring up the other day and the doctor I saw when Drew was diagnosed with German measles was giving me a follow up call to hurry up and get my follow up blood test done. What service is that? Bloody unbelievable and fantastic if you ask me. Just what I needed, (the reminder) and it made me go and get the blood test slip and put it ready in my handbag.

Drew said “nite nite Nikki,” “ights” (lights) and stop (follow by the hand action) on Friday…

When Josh says “fat controller” it sounds like (f**ken control).

Nikki & Josh settled in bed tonight with me hardly being in the room at all… Noice! Josh was asleep in 10-15 minutes and Nikki had to get up and have some milk (as she didn’t have any before hoping into bed) and settled straight away after that… I only hope that they do it more often when it is just me and the kids (not Nat home.)

I am so tired after going to bed early (in bed at 9pm and asleep before 10pm) and waking twice during the night to children and twice because of the baby. It has just hit past 10am and I am already struggling and Nat not only has work tonight but on Monday night as well.

Having serve pain in my pelvis now, getting comfortable in bed is agony. I have to sleep with ice packs and lay on my back propped up to reasonably comfortable to get any sleep. Mind you I sleep best on my side so it certainly makes it all interesting. That and how I feel like I am waddling!

Trying to have nanna naps on the couch this weekend while Drew is asleep and the other kids watch a dvd in the lounge room. Help is in short supply at the moment and especially since it is a long weekend.

Went out for lunch with all my family yesterday for my brother’s 28th birthday. Struggled from the car to the bistro with the kids and Drew in a pram and me on crutches. (Nat wasn’t there yet as he was coming in his own car because he had to work that night and neither my mum or sister where answering their mobiles when I called for some help!) The kids had a great time and my brother laughed at his “cake” I made him… A mars bar muffin… I told him I thought he was big enough to not require a whole cake! By the looks of it he enjoyed it and didn’t have to share! I didn’t take my camera as I could barely walk let along take decent photos.
Oh yeah, and of course as soon as we got into the lift (there was stairs) Josh pressed the emergency call button…. Of all the buttons it was that one he HAD to press!


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Fiona said...

Go Josh and the emergency call button *grin*