Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I've created!

I've created and it felt so good! I made 5 cards yesterday (3 of one design) and tried a new technique out. I have actually been working on some more cards on Monday for mag work, but have to wait and see if they are accepted for publication. I will spread the card share out so there is something pretty to look at in each post! *grin*
This card is done using faux tiling. It will be my next techniques class, being held at my house (in Skye) Monday, June 9th (yes, Queen's Birthday long weekend) at 10am - midday and 7.30pm - 9.30pm. You will create 2 cards and one technique card with envelopes provided for $15.

Card is straight IRL! & a close up of the tiling!

I've been a busy girl organising this morning (my word for 2008, see this post). I have not only dealt with piles of washing (dirty and clean and put it away) but always went through the kids toys etc. and are donating lots to Diabetes Australia. Things they have grown out of, excess stuffed toys (some from when I was a teenager!) and the usual stuff like that. So nice to see the house looking tidy (minus the floors needing a vacumn and mop) but then it doesn't usually last too long before the kids make a mess with toys again.

Off to play and maybe create some more I hope.


P.S. Any bookings or questions for my techniques class, you can e-mail me on or call me on 03 9786 1149.

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Fiona said...

That is cool dude! And I do love the pretties kit too. Will have to get me one of those.....